The Green Changemakers Gamebox has successfully met and surpassed its goal of creating 24 digital
resources to promote environmental awareness among children. Each of the five consortium partners
contributed five distinct digital resources, collectively amounting to 25 resources, dedicated to their
chosen thematic units within the gamification platform.

The thematic units that the consortium had were the following:

  • Earth and Ecology
  • Management of Energy Resources
  • Protecting Children
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Recycling
  • Water Pollution

The breakdown of these contributions is as follows:

Anagram Games

The interactivity of rearranging letters to form the correct words or phrases engages children in vocabulary related to ecology and sustainability.

Each partner proposed three words or phrases relevant to their thematic unit. This represents one digital resource per partner, totaling five for the consortium.

Critical thinking and choice making game

The game encourages players to identify and reflect on sustainable and unsustainable behaviors.

Partners provided two images each, showcasing both positive and negative environmental practices. Two pictures from each partner combine to form one digital resource, summing to five for the consortium.

The Quizzes

This educational tool is designed to test and reinforce knowledge on green practices.

Each partner crafted two multiple-choice questions about their specific environmental topic, complete
with correct answers and explanations. The two questions from each partner are considered one digital
resource, contributing five in total to the project.

The Flipbooks

These flipbooks serve as introductory materials to each thematic area, enhancing understanding
through visual and textual learning.

Partners individually created a flipbook, compiling informative texts and imagery into a digital booklet. The creation of one flipbook per partner results in a contribution of five flipbooks to the overall resource count.

The Puzzles

One picture from each partner was transformed into a puzzle to be solved on the e-learning platform. The submission of one puzzle by each partner adds another five resources to the digital suite.

By strategically combining various interactive formats—games, puzzles, quizzes, and informational flipbooks—the consortium has not only achieved but exceeded the qualitative indicators set forth for the Gamebox. The variety of resources ensures a comprehensive and multifaceted learning experience that caters to different learning styles and preferences.

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